DEATH SPIRAL - A novel challenging the idea that we are alone in the cosmos.
Reviews from Readers
I'm not a science fiction fan, but I really enjoyed this book. It is well written, fast paced and has very memorable characters.   I am now seriously considering the question "is there other life out there?" and am eagerly awaiting a sequel!   
(Ann, Bellbrook, OH)
I'd recommend this novel to anyone.  As soon as I started reading I couldn't put it down; I became intrigued by the plot instantly.  It makes the possibility of alien presence on Earth so real that I am now thinking and worrying about what could be out there.  What if we are not alone?  And what if they are not friendly??? 
(Samantha, Kettering, OH)
I LOVED IT! Death Spiral had me hooked from page one.  Jeremiah's emotions and choices personify what we struggle with every day, endearing himself with his failings, instead of some perfect character with whom we cannot relate.  The book includes interesting and little known excerpts from corroborated documentation that opened my eyes to the possible existence of aliens.  Great Read and Most Highly Recommended. 
(Rose, North Hero, VT)
What a fun book!  It kept me on the edge of my seat and I finished it in a weekend.  The author did a great job of weaving reality into the story and making it a plausible tale of what could be happening today.  There were many surprising twists and turns combined with lots of action which makes the book very exciting. 
(Bob, Baldwinsville, NY)
CL Gregoire has written a novel for our times. Growing up, I read the classics such as The Foundation and Dune trilogies and was captivated by the ability of Asimov, Herbert (and Bradbury, Heinlein and others) to also use the genre to provide social commentary and insight. Gregoire follows in those footsteps as he chronicles the story of Jeremiah Dodge and his attempts to broker a treaty between Earth and a friendly alien race before an apocalyptic invasion by a competing alien race. Dodge is forced to confront his own deep-seeded Christian convictions, doubts about the truth of his childhood, cynicism about modern democracy, and personal commitment to the greater good at tremendous personal cost. Anyone who has been following modern politics will see the parallels. I found the story and characters engaging and highly relevant with enough plot twists to keep me hooked. Well done.  (Sam, Tallahassee, FL)
The author has crafted a story around the idea that ET has already landed on Earth and that our government knows it.  It asks several important questions.  Did an alien craft really crash near Roswell, NM in 1947?  Did our government know the truth and purposefully cover it up?  More importantly, are they still hiding proof of extraterrestrial visits to Earth?  Even though it is a work of fiction, Gregoire intersperses little-known facts with a fun story that is a real page turner.  Highly recommended! 
(Bev, Bourbonnais, IL)
A startling premise, many plot twists, well-written dialogue, and credible characters all make this book a fun and fast-paced read.  It has provocative social and political commentary that will appeal to those of both conservative and progressive persuasions.  It is an interesting blend of science fiction and historical fact which makes the story even more compelling.  At times I found myself wondering if the author was writing a science fiction novel or an expose on the possibility of extraterrestrials actually living here on Earth.  All-in-all, it is a book that should satisfy hard-core science fiction readers and entertain those who don’t usually read that genre.  
(Karen, Bangor, ME)
This novel sheds light on the question "Are we alone?" It is a great story with a fast and engaging plotline. The bad guys are truly evil and are closer than you think. The benevolent aliens are quite human and follow a Star Trek like Prime Directive. The hero is flawed and haunted by his demons, and even though he carries a gun, thankfully he's not a Rambo or other superhero, just a normal man who is confronted with extreme circumstances.  Excellent!
(Andrew, Memphis, TN)
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